Tickets: €10,00

Celebrating 10 Year Anniversary of Out of Many Soundsystem 

Are you ready for a very special edition of Kofa Dubs!?
On the 25th of May, Out of Many Soundsystem celebrates its 10 year anniversary!

Inviting Masego Soundsystem and Food Bass Shelter to come play on Out of Many Soundsystem.

Masego soundsystem is an independent handbuilt roots and dub soundsystem based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The performing crew consists of selector Mathical and the passionated MC Jakob Trinity. Masego means 'blessed' in the Tswana language, a name that reflects to the mission and passion of JAH music. Playing their music dedicated and loud, spreading the message of Rastafari Itinually. All praises to JAH.

Food Bass Shelter (the basic needs in life) is a reggae soundsystem from The Hague founded in 2013 which consists of Iskander and Serge. Playing a wide variety, from roots to stepper and some dubplate productions. As long as it has a serious message and distinct sound in the tune. Sufferation and oppression, with a heavyweight-positive vibration.

Please take note: For this special ocasion we are not just playing 6, but 8 hours straight! Starting 2 hours earlier 19:00 so make sure you nah miss!

Doors open: 19:00
Doors close: 3:00
Entry: €10,-

Deuren sluiten om: 3.00 uur.